The story of the Vietnamese-Vietnamese family building a chain of 70 Vietnamese restaurants selling spring rolls and pho

"The Rolld chain is so great, and the company is worth a few hundred million dollars, and it's open to the public as long as customers are satisfied," he said.

At a recent event in Ho Chi Minh City, businessman Ly Quy Trung, the father of Pho 24, who lives in Australia, talked about the Rolld restaurant chain by three people, including two Vietnamese, set up

Businessman Ly commented on Rolld, the restaurant that sells Vietnamese dishes such as rolls, noodles, breads, pancakes, rice, mushrooms and "so good" when a young person in the auditorium Ask him how to evaluate Rolld.

"In my opinion, Rolld is a successful Vietnamese restaurant brand in Australia. There are three young people who set up Rolld, including people who know about finance, the web and then about business, they sit together.

As a child, they are very modern. Often the majority only open to make a living but these young people are based on models that have been successful. Their image is very beautiful and the chain is growing very fast, "Trung commented.

Mr. Trung added that he had heard that Rolld was losing money but he said it was a loss to the company so there is nothing to worry about.

"Rolld chain development is so excellent. The company has cost several hundred million dollars. Open the store as long as the guests are crowded, which proves your preference, "says businessman over 50 years of age.

The story of the Vietnamese family building a chain of 70 Vietnamese restaurants selling salad and mushroom mushroom mushrooms all over the Australian commercial center - Photo 1.
Rolld Shop in Australia.

So what is Rolld and how are you developing?

In 2012, Bao Hoang, Raymond Quentin, and Tin Ly (cousin of Bao Hoang) donated 180,000 AUD to buy Italian coffee shops in downtown Melbourne.

Less than six months later (May 2012), they turned into a fast-food restaurant called Rolld.

The store specializes in selling dishes such as rolls, bread, noodle, pancakes, rice plate ... bold taste Vietnamese.

Initially, the Rolld store opened on Goldsbough Road, Melbourne, targeting professionals who are office workers of large companies wishing to have a quick and healthy lunch.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the first day of selling Vietnamese dishes, guests have come to a large crowd. Within a few weeks of opening, the shop has served about 1,000 customers a day.

The story of the Vietnamese family building a chain of 70 Vietnamese restaurants selling spring rolls and mushrooms mushrooms mushrooms around the commercial center of Australia - Photo 2.
The three founders of Rolld: Bao Hoang, Ray Esquieres and Tin Ly.

True to the words of businessman Ly Qui Trung, Rolld is present in many commercial centers in major cities of Australia with 66 stores. Bao Hoang plans to increase the number of stores to 100 in 2018.

Recalling the first day opened shop Bao Hoang said that because no certificate of food hygiene, shops must wait until 12:30 pm to officially open the door to welcome guests. However, there were about 30 people waiting in front of the shop and then they served a total of 150 people and to 1h30 minutes the restaurant was completely out of food.

Over the past three years, Rolld has achieved over 800% growth and is embracing ambition to expand its operations to other countries besides Australia. "I would like to offer a substitute for sushi," Hoang shared.

"We focus on the brand and do not pay much attention to finance. Melbourne is one of the hardest markets in the world to date. Not only because of its high competitiveness, but also because Australia is a hard place to make money.

Labor costs here are very expensive compared to the United States, Britain and Asia, "Sydney Morning Herald quoted Bao Hoang.

Currently, 50% of these are owned by the founders, and 50% are franchises.

In 2018, Rolld plans to be in the Philippines.

Secrets to success

With over 700 employees, Bao Hoang said the biggest challenge with Rolld is the speed of expansion rapidly. He shared that until now the new feel the level of the team in the company catch up with the pace of development.

He said Rolld's formula for success is: Focus on team development and corporate culture.

In addition, there is a special thing that Hoang shared that Rolld is very like a family business.

While his sister in charge of franchising, his father managing the delivery, his wife as brand manager, his mother and aunt were the ones who created the recipe for the dish.

Despite the commercialization of the company, Bao Huang hopes that they will never lose the relationship between family and company because he believes that this is part of the success secrets for Rolld.

"Although we had no experience in the food and beverage industry at first, we learned very quickly in the first two months. As soon as we realize that the first store is good, stores number 2 and 3 continue to be established to test the market in the fastest way, "Bao Hoang shared.

Although busy and often have to work up to 120 hours